Using your skills or specialist knowledge can be exploited by selling them on popular freelance marketplaces. You don't need to be an entrepreneurial genius either: for example, anyone can provide general purpose help as a Virtual Assistant (VA). Check out these ideas and plenty more in the video.



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Three Easy Steps To Success On Fiverr


Sign up as a Fiverr Seller 

If you haven't done so already, sign up as a Fiverr seller HERE

Create Your Gig

Use your own ideas or the suggestions below to create your gig.

Start Selling

Promote your gig among friends, on social media, in your email footers and/or by advertising to start pulling in orders and revenue!

Top Tips 

Always have an entry level $5 gig to draw people in, but use Fiverr's multiple pricing level feature to provide upsells. 
Also, use video because Fiverr promotes sellers who use this feature.

You're competing with other vendors so make sure you overdeliver and surprise your customer with value. Do more than you say you will in the gig, and/or provide some kind of bonus as a thank you. (PLR reports are an easy way to do this)
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If there's a danger that customer is unhappy, go out of your way to avoid a negative review or refund which will damage your ranking. Try to find a solution that keeps your customer onside, even if it means going above and beyond.

Easy Gigs To Make Money On Fiverr

Check out these easy gigs you can offer on Fiverr with absolutely zero skills!

Photograph Background Removal

These gigs are in demand by Amazon sellers who have strict conditions on the images they use in their listings.

There are several free background removal services online, but my favorite is Adobe which handles very large images and does the task really quickly. Once you've signed up for a free account you can remove an image background in ten seconds. 

Drone Video Creation

Drone videos are in increasing demand by people who have websites or who want a music video.

You don't need to be a drone pilot to make drone videos. eg You can download copyright-free drone footage from sites like PIXABAY, or search YouTube for Creative Commons videos that can be reused legally, and download them.

Another great way is to use Google Earth Studio which is a fantastic free tool to create very realistic videos from Google Earth imagery.

Website SEO

There are so many possibilities here, and once you see the link I've provided below you'll appreciate the wide range of opportunities for making money with free tools. The reality is that SEO is a mystery to so many people and they need help with things like optimizing their websites, finding good keywords etc

A simple thing you can do is to create an actionable SEO report.  Or do keyword research: everything you need is available via the link below.